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The purpose of The Men’s Group is to have a gathering of males in a supportive environment explore and bring to life their own inner realities. Men are primarily raised by women, often with little or no input from males.This can adversely affect men’s relationships with women, other males and themselves. The Men's Group addresses these issues as well as anger, emotional dependence, powerlessness and expressing feelings, rage, aggressiveness, rejection and a sense of not being good enough.
The Men's Group is experiential, utilizing open forum discussions, dream work, family systems work and meditative, relaxing and spiritual processes. As a result of the group process, participants find they gain insights and support when difficult situations and experiences arise. With each session, participants also find they have a greater sense of self-acceptance and peace towards themselves and others.
A connection (not previously experienced) with other men has a powerful, positive impact on participants’ lives.The collective energy of the group also enables participants to reshape their father/son/brother/male friend experience.  The group affirms men’s experience of being male. The Men’s Group is facilitated by Paul Mott who has been running men’s groups in Melbourne since 1988.

Imagine being in a circle, camped by a stream of water, sitting with a gathering of males of all ages, by a fire under the moonlight and in the filtered sun of day, viewing  our lives as males. This weekend is for you as a male, as a son, as a father and possibly as a grandfather.

The Men’s Weekend Retreat is an ongoing opportunity to let go of thoughts, behaviours and actions that have hurt your relationship with males and yourself in the past and even presently. The purpose of the weekend is to heal wounds, take down barriers, and open our minds and hearts with men. The family system work that  you will experience on this weekend will very likely bring the positive, connected experience you have wanted to have with sons, fathers and men into reality. 

Males really do not spend time 'being with’ each other. We do a lot of parallel play and role exchanging, but the thought of allowing other men into our lives can be quite daunting This weekend will enable you to experience being in a world of males where it is safe to be who you are without the fear of criticism, judgment, domination or control.

You will enter this world through dreams, meditation, individual and group rituals, possible rites of passage and collective actions and interactions. The focus of this weekend will be on physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual healing.  The intention of this weekend is to re-empower you in relationship to your self, other males, women and your world. 

Imagine being in a circle, camped by a stream of water, sitting with a gathering of women of all ages, by a fire under the moonlight and in the filtered sun of day, where wounds are healed, barriers are removed and minds and hearts are opened.  This retreat is about calling up and reconnecting with our spirit, our souls our selves.  The emphasis on this retreat is about coming home to the heart and spirit of who we are as women.  This retreat will enable you to recapture the magical, mystical and wise woman within, regardless of age!  This spiritually uplifting retreat is about women breaking away from the constraints of the urban life which domesticates us and venturing into our wildness.  The retreat is earthy. We utilise the environment to assist us in reconnecting with the ‘Self’ that we long to be in relationship with. This retreat will enable women to regain and learn how to maintain the powerful, intuitive 'Self'...that essence of us that longs for connectedness, confirmation, validation, exhilaration and getting on with the very creative beings that we are. 

The Intentional Solitude Retreat is an invitation to 'let go' of unwanted thinking or hurtful behavioural patterns, and create powerful, constructive opportunities in you life.  The purpose of this weekend is to allow us to leave the busy, everyday world and turn to the peacefulness and stillness of our inner world.  Those who have been with us on this retreat have also said the weekend enabled them to be 'in an inner resting place where they inhabited a state of at-one-ness'.   One of the most poignant responses to the Intentional Solitude Retreat was that it 'provided the opportunity to experience the holy one and to rest in a gentle soulfulness'.  With the practice of intentional solitude we can enter into communication between our Ego and our Self and our Soul.  We can be intimate with our soulful nature, experiencing both the spirit of community and the spirit of solitariness.  The group meets twice daily for dreamwork, meditations and other deepening processes.  The rest of the time will be just you with the Self in stillness, rest, contemplation, prayer and meditation.  Creative expressions and physical, physical, psychological and spiritual experiental tasks will also be available, for those who wish.  Through reflection, in a natural environment, you will experience calm, beauty and acceptance from an inner dwelling place. 

After this retreat you will not need to go back to being in the dark about your relationship.  There will be paths available to take you to different levels of 'being' in relationship.  For years Joy & Paul have worked with couples as intimate participants in transforming miserable relationships to good ones, good ones to better ones and better ones to incredible unity.  This overseas retreat in romantic settings have couples in everything that Joy and Paul, together with others, have found works in going from one level to another in relationship.

The Bali & Beyond journey is one of beauty, meditation, relaxation, peace, re-creation and renewal.  We invite you to come with us and experience Bali & Beyond.  It is a journey of self-discovery and awakening filled with physical, emotional, therapeutic and spiritual challenges which provide you with the space to explore your soul, open your heart and mind and let your spirit sing & dance.  The Bali & Beyond experience has been described as a holiday, a workshop, a therapeutic experience, a connection with our spiritual self and a communion with others who believe that something in addition to our everyday experience can be touched upon.