Personal, Professional & Organisational Consultancy

The key in staff development is on the relationships that people have with themselves and their professional network.  We individualise issues for staff in organisations, which can include the following.

Personal Presentation Skills
Self Analysis
Conflict Resolution
Exceptional Analysis

Handling Change
Job Interview Skills
Rational Thinking
Social Interaction

Communication Enhancement Skills
Negotiation/Meditation Skills
Systemic/Behavioural Patterns
Problem Solving Skills
Stress Management through –
Relaxation and Meditation Techniques
“High Achiever” Retreats

About the Process

Since 1984, Joy and Paul have counselled, coached and consulted with senior managers and have developed unique ways of changing workplace relationship breakdown, stress and ineffectiveness.

After listening, analysing and identifying what is happening in a workplace, they create a totally personalised and appropriate program for you.  They then design a process, based on the clarified purpose and goals, design a process and choose a setting to enable the changed result.  They always take as their brief to stick with the purpose, develop the trust and have fun learning and changing in ways that last. The most frequent feedback on their work is that what sets them apart from the other workshop leaders is that they are also therapists who can deal with issues as they arise and that their programmes are personalised and individually designed.